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Welcome! I’m Nina, a licensed massage therapist since 2005 and certified manual lymphatic drainage therapist in Westborough, MA. I have additional training in oncology massage and craniosacralfascia therapy.

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I’m conveniently located in Westborough in the Chauncy Place Healing and Wellness Center. If you are seeking more specialized therapies such as primary or secondary lymphedema treatment: radiation induced lymphedema, post mastectomy care (cording, scar tissue mobilization), post elective cosmetic surgery care (liposuction, BBL, abdominoplasty etc.) from a licensed and certified massage therapist, I am pleased to see you.

Also, managing the effects of chemotherapy, peripheral neuropathy, nerve entrapment, muscle/tendon/ligament recovery, scar tissue mobilization post c-section (overall pre and perinatal care) and overall general wellness. You can conveniently book by clicking above on the Book Now button.  

I use all organic oils and lotions, as well as, organic CBD balms and salves infused with healing essential oils and herbals.

45 Lyman St  Suite 22  The Healing & Wellness Center @ Chauncy Place Westborough, MA  01581 


Touch is one of our earliest forms of healing.  It is a basic life necessity – a basic knead, so to speak.  Touch is the first sense to develop in humans and usually the last to fade – an indicator of how important touch is to sustaining life.  Our skin is sensory mapped to our brains to deliver endorphins upon receiving directed, healing touch.

Healing touch therapies can increase feelings of well-being and reduce pain, lift depression, bolster immune function, reduce job stress.  We instinctively touch those in need of care.  A player puts their arm around their teammate after a goal or a parent instinctively holds, blows on or kisses their child’s injured knee.

Massage studies suggest that therapeutic touch can do a lot….re-establish correct nerve flow in damaged, fatigued or injured areas, return muscle fibers to their normal resting length for recovery, eliminate adhesions, improve range of motion (joint function),  promote deeper breathing, aid digestion, decrease edema, decrease anxiety, aid insomnia, decrease migraine frequency & duration, decrease fibromyalgia pain and lessen arthritis pain.

But life and our bodies don’t fit neatly into clinical studies…they can, however, fit neatly into the hands of an informed, educated and skilled therapist with a deeply healing intent.

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