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Nina Capobianco LMT, CMLDT

Manual lymphatic drainage therapy ~ deep muscle healing ~ post elective surgery support ~ oncology support ~ scar treatment ~ restorative care ~ pre and perinatal support

Nina is an oncology and certified lymphatic drainage massage therapist in Westborough MA. She holds a Bachelor of Science from West Chester University and Pennsylvania State University and has been a member of the American Massage Therapy Association since 2004.  She is a provider for Lucy’s Love Bus, offering massage therapy for children and teens with cancer in the Westborough/Worcester area.  She has been a provider for Spectrum Health Systems, offering addiction recovery support massage for patients in their detox and residential programs of recovery.  Nina enjoys working with all populations and age groups. She was trained at The Muscular Therapy Institute in the Dr. Ben Benjamin method of muscular therapy.


MA License No. 93 and an AMTA Member.

Graduate of The Muscular Therapy Institute (MTI) Cambridge, MA

Craniosacralfascia Therapy with Dr. Barry Guillespie  Worcester, MA

Ethical Practice in Massage Therapy I with Sue Mapel  Boston, MA

Ethical Practice in Massage Therapy II with Sue Mapel  Boston, MA

Myofascial Release with Lou Benson Boston, MA

Myofascial Release Upper Body with Howard Rontal  Worcester, MA

Orthopedic Massage Techniques with Whitney Lowe  Worcester, MA

The Lymphatic System and NMT with Paula Bergs/Judith Delany  Worcester, MA

Oncology Massage  Therapy with Tracy Walton Watertown, MA

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Certification with Rene Janiece Klose Institute (Vodder Method)

Breast Cancer Rehabilitation given by Klose Institute

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