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Healing Therapies

Nina is trained and/or certified in several specialized therapies in addition to offering traditional massage (muscle, ligament and tendon care, nerve entrapment, relaxation, well-being). She is a certified manual lymphatic drainage specialist in treating the effects of cancer (post mastectomy care, cording, scar tissue mobilization, nerve damage, fibrosis), post elective cosmetic surgery care (lipo, bbl, abdominoplasty using MLD with education on foam boards and pads, herbal support for the lymph system, negative compression scar tissue work and scar care maintenance). Her scar care applies to post c-section and any surgical interventions (knee, hip replacements etc.) She has supported a local recovery center and applied aspects of trauma theory to work with addiction recovery via manual therapy. She now does this work solely in the Westborough office and often incorporates craniosacral-fascia therapy into these sessions.

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Deep tissue/muscle healing

Oncology Support

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Addiction Recovery Support

Craniosacral-fascia Therapy

Pregnancy Support

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