a basic knead healing therapies

nurturing bodywork for your well-being

Healing Therapies

Nina is certified in several specialized therapies in addition to offering traditional massage. You can conveniently book by clicking on the booknow button anywhere on this site.

Deep tissue/muscle healing

Oncology Support

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Addiction Recovery Support

Craniosacral-fascia Therapy

Pregnancy Support

Help for whatever is bothering you: stiffness, soreness, pain, strains and sprains, scars, maintenance, cancer self-care, general wellness, nerve entrapments, whiplash, overuse or acute injuries (car accidents, falls), carpal tunnel, myofascial pain, scoliosis.

What is preventing you from getting a massage?

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If a child is the client, the parent must stay in the room with their child for each session.

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