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Craniosacral Fascia Therapy

Our bodies have an interconnected 3D web of connective tissue that runs superficial to deep and head and toe. This specialized connective tissue is avascular (no blood and therefore heals more slowly) and very strong (can exert >2000 lbs/in2). When traumatized, fascia can constrict and exert more pounds per square inch to become stronger than steel. Considering every muscle group down to each muscle fiber within each group is encased by this special tissue, if the fascia is tight, no amount of muscle therapy will help alleviate the root issue. It’s as if a tight sock is compressing the muscle or organ or bone even and until that sock is melted, loosened and made more fluid no complete unwinding or pain alleviation can occur.

“Fascia” refers to the connective tissues that support and surround the organs, muscles and bones. Myofascial bodywork encompasses a range of manual therapies. CSFT includes techniques which affect the fascial membranes of the central nervous system and the body’s cerebrospinal fluid balance.   Sometimes CSFT and muscle work both need to be done to get relief. The intent is to listen with the hands and follow the body to unwind fascial strains while applying hands-on therapy to enhance the functioning of the craniosacral system. A release is never forced – listening hands go where the body wants to release and facilitates with manipulative therapy. Nina trained with Dr. B. Gillespie in 2007 – Craniosacral and Fascial Therapies to Heal Children and Adults.  She has also received advanced training in myofascial work with L. Benson and H. Rontal.

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