Nina Capobianco, a basic knead healing therapies

nurturing bodywork for your well-being

Addiction Recovery Support

Nina has had the privilege of working with this population officially and directly since June 2015.

All addictions are about self soothing.  Through massage a pathway is created that brings the emotions back to the body where the pain is. Using different non-talk bodywork therapies pain and agitation is decreased, beta-endorphins are released and sleep improved to help you manage during the recovery process.

Nina works directly with patients at a recovery center to support the withdrawal and detox stages while offering massage at her private office to support the abstinence phase of healing. She uses different therapies depending on where you are in your recovery.

Massage affects all layers of our selves and in abandoning an addiction, many parts of our selves become separated into pieces.  Integrated massage therapies can mend this mind/body connection.  “The spirit is who we really are. Our mind is our thinking brain, and our body houses this. If you’re an addict, you often have to ignore your body, because you are, in essence, hurting your ‘house’.” Maureen Schwer, NMD

Look under the page Spotlight for more information on how massage is used to assist addiction recovery.

If you’re interested in addiction recovery support massage A Basic Knead is located just outside of Worcester in the Chauncy Place Healing and Wellness Center, diagonally across route 9 from Massage Envy. If you are seeking specialized therapies from a licensed and certified massage therapist, I am pleased to see you. You can conveniently book by clicking below on the booknow button.

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