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Deep Tissue Massage

Static pressure then fascial therapy is applied to trigger points (TP), painful areas in muscles that refer pain to other areas of the body with or without direct point pressure, to relieve/eliminate spasm and pain. It can also be used on tender points (tp), painful areas that do not yet refer pain and are only painful when palpated, to prevent the area from worsening to a chronic TP.

Deep muscle healing focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue either following fiber direction or going across the fiber orientation of the musculature. Deep tissue combined with fascial manipulation is used to flush areas of chronic muscle tension. It can be painful but, you will feel immediate relief.

If you’re interested in a deep tissue massage ABK is located just outside of Worcester in the Chauncy Place Healing and Wellness Center. If you are seeking specialized therapies from a licensed and certified massage therapist, I am pleased to see you.

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