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Mixed Muscular Therapy

Massage is for everyone and each person usually benefits most from an integrated therapy session. This type of massage uses a variety of techniques (classic Swedish strokes, stretching, jostling, cross-fiber friction, compressions, traction and joint mobilization) and modalities (deep tissue, craniosacralfascia therapy, lymphatic). It can be used to energize or relax the person, increase muscle and joint flexibility and warm up the body or to increase recovery (mind and body) by decreasing muscle tension, preventing delayed onset muscle soreness, decrease post surgical swelling or helping to prevent any injuries from worsening.

If you’re interested in Mixed Muscular Therapy A Basic Knead is located just outside of Worcester in the Chauncy Place Healing and Wellness Center, diagonally across route 9 from Massage Envy. If you are seeking specialized therapies from a licensed and certified massage therapist, I am pleased to see you. You can conveniently book by clicking below on the booknow button.

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